Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I always see my physician at my appointment?
We do our best to make sure you will always see your physician at your appointment, but please note, that sometimes emergencies do happen which take our physicians away from the office. On some occasions, your physician may be traveling and unable to see you in clinic, in this case, you will see the Physician Assistant who is in close.
2. What does "fasting labs" mean?
Fasting labs means that you have not had anything to eat or drink within the last 6-8 hours. Water and medications are OK and encouraged during this time.
3. Why do I get a separate lab bill from the office visit bill?
Laboratory testing in our office is done by the USC Norris Cancer Hospital, while our providers bill in an outpatient setting under USC Care Medical Group.
4. How do i get on the myUSCchart patient portal?
Ask one of our staff members (either call the office or ask at your appointment) to invite you to the myUSCChart Patient Portal, as the invite has to be generated from our office.
5. Does The Ellison Institute offer vaccines?
We offer a limited amount of vaccines, and have limited doses on hand. Ask your provider during your appointment about vaccines we may have in stock at that time.
6. Why do I have to sign several forms at every appointment?
We ask you to sign several forms at every appointment to make sure we have your up to date contact and insurance information. There are also annual forms required by Keck Medicine of USC regarding consent to treat you and bill your insurance.
7. Why do you draw so much blood?
All of our laboratory tests require different amounts of blood, so we want to make sure we get enough blood the first time. With extra blood, we can also re-run any tests or add on additional tests, depending on your initial results.
8. What websites and/or books do you recommend to learn more about my health?
Books by Dr. Agus: "The End of Illness", "A Short Guide to a Long Life" , and "The Lucky Years" (American Cancer Society, the Mayo Clinic, and the National Cancer Institute)
9. How long does it take for my labs to result?
For PSA values to result, it takes a minimum of 60 minutes. Complete Blood Counts(CBC) and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) results are ready in less than one hour. Other labs may take the rest of the day and into the next day, as they are sent down to USC Norris for testing.
10. How long can I anticipate being at the office for a visit?
For returning patients: 45- 60 minutes. For new patients: 60-90 minutes
11. Where can I learn more about The New Ellison institute building?
Read the LA Times article here. Be ready to visit us in our new home in Fall 2019, where our research lab and clinic will both be housed, offering patients a unique & first-hand look into our research labs after their appointments.