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We are looking for outstanding individuals from various backgrounds to help us engender transformative changes in the management of cancer and chronic illness. If you are looking to use your expertise alongside world-class researchers to significantly impact human health, well-being, quantity and quality of life, consider joining the team at the Ellison Institute.

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Postdoctoral Scholar

Job Summary

The Mumenthaler lab seeks a talented postdoc who is capable of working with a diverse team to develop and apply innovative technologies to cancer target discovery. The successful applicant will develop cutting-edge preclinical models (e.g. organoids and organ-on-chips) to investigate tumor microenvironment interactions impacting colorectal cancer progression. Specifically, the candidate will integrate live-cell confocal imaging and “omics”-based analyses to characterize an ex vivo model of primary human colorectal cancer. This model will serve as a platform to (1) provide new insights into the significance of the physical and cellular microenvironment on tumor progression and (2) test specific therapeutic modalities that focus on disrupting tumor-stromal interactions to prevent or delay tumor progression. Expertise in primary and 3D cell culture, confocal imaging, immunostaining, qPCR, western blotting, genome editing, and next generation sequencing are essential. This position involves the design and documentation of experiments, detailed record-keeping, and weekly presentations to supervisory staff. Good communication and writing skills are essential.

Job Requirements

Candidates should have a PhD degree in molecular/cellular biology, biomedical engineering or other relevant discipline. Applicants with training in advanced mammalian tissue culture techniques and live cell microscopy are encouraged to apply. Excellent verbal and communication skills, and the ability to work both independently and in a team environment are required. Key success factors in the performance of this position include attention to detail, the ability to collaborate across disciplines, and curiosity.

Minimum Education: Ph.D. or equivalent doctorate within previous five years Minimum Experience: 0-1 year Minimum Field of Expertise: Directly related education in research specialization with advanced knowledge of equipment, procedures and analysis methods.

Interested individuals should provide their CV and a 1-2 page cover letter describing their professional goals and how their research experience can advance these research goals.

Location: 12414 Exposition Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064

Employment Type: Full-Time