Jerry S.H. Lee Lab

Laura Cao

Undergraduate Researcher
(Lee/Matasci Lab)

Dylan DePuy

Undergraduate Researcher

Carolina Garri, PhD

Staff Scientist

Kate Guion

Undergraduate Researcher

Jill Infusino, MPH, CHES

Education & Outreach Specialist

Gavin Kress

Graduate Researcher

Yasaman Moradi 

PhD Graduate Student (Armani/Lee Lab)

Fakhar Singhera

PhD Graduate Student

Kylie Trettner 

PhD Graduate Student (Armani/Lee Lab)

Maryann Vogelsang, PhD

Director of Strategic Scientific Initiatives

Mayada Aljehani, DrPH

Cancer Epidemiologist
(Lee/Matasci Lab)
Lee Lab Photos with Collaborators
1 day ago
If budgets for NIH and NSF increase dramatically...
could we talk in advance about not using the money to train more PhD students and postdocs, and instead figure out how to systematically encourage staff scientist positions? Ideas beyond just individual PI decisions?
1 day ago
🤓👍 thanks @MayadaAljehani for your passion and expertise. Great to have you on the team @UscEllison #publichealth #DataScience
2 days ago
AACR 2021 class of Scientist<->Survivor Program participants welcome @realrickpazdur of the @US_FDA for a special interest session exclusive to SSP participants. Thank you, Dr. Pazdur, thank you, FDA, and thank you @AACR. We value your commitment to advocates. #AACR21 #AACRSSP
2 days ago
From the @FDAOncology Center of Excellence, Associate Director of External Outreach and Engagement, @rea_blakey, discusses National Black Family Cancer Awareness Week. #BlackFamCan #AACR21 #AACRSSP

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