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Staff Scientist

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Staff Scientist/ Cell Line Team Manager

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Cell Imaging Staff Scientist

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Research Laboratory Technician

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Senior Research Associate

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Research Laboratory Technician

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Research Laboratory Specialist

Sonya Liu

PhD Graduate Student

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Research Laboratory Technician

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Research Laboratory Specialist

Carly Strelez

PhD Graduate Student

Scott Valena

Research Laboratory Technician
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Excellent work @YafeiWang89! It has been fun collaborating with you on this project!!
Paul Macklin @MathCancer
Congratulations to @YafeiWang89 for his first accepted first-author paper!!!

Yafei used @PhysiCell to investigate mechanobiologic feedbacks between micrometastases and liver parenchyma.


Try the model yourself at

I have the great privilege of working alongside Reggie @MouseModeler everyday seeing the important work his team is doing to fight pancreatic cancer.

this is it!! #BlackinMathWeek !! Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering @USC. B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Chemical Engineering and i use #math in my research - building mathematical models to study cancer. #BlackinMathRollCall

Very proud of Carly! Excellent talk on her graduate work using an organ-on-chip model to study tumor metastasis.
EllisonInstituteUSC @UscEllison
Carly Strelez, PhD candidate in the Ellison Institute @MumenthalerLab, recently gave a talk at the @PerkinElmer High Content Screening User Group meeting titled "Combining organ on chip technology with high content imaging to study #cancer progression." @DavidAgus

@UscEllison is an amazing place to work! We are in a brand new building and seriously have incredible scientists and staff. Join us! #MachineLearning #CancerResearch #Cancer #Imagining #Microscopy

Our CEO Dr. @DavidAgus recently penned a call to action in @TIME, urging one million more citizens to volunteer for the #COVID19 #vaccine trials. Please read, share, and be a part of this important effort!